Waiting and Infertility

Dan and I have desired to be parents for a long time. It’s no secret that I spent several years not waiting well. I was impatient and often threw a fit, but have learned that waiting seasons can be a beautiful time with the Father. He has shown me so much favor and taught me so much about His character during our waiting years. Some of the books on this list are fertility related, however many of them are not. These are the books that have encouraged me and taught me how to wait with hope.

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet 
By Sarah Hagerty
In the book, Sara shares her story of barrenness. This book is about a broken marriage, infertility, sickness, death and how God moved in the midst of it all. This book was a beautiful reminder that I’m seen in the middle of the mess. Not only am I seen, but I’m deeply loved. Our Father is continuing to invite the deepest parts of me to find Him. I loved seeing God’s hand in Sara’s story because it reminded me of all the times I have seen him in my own life. This book can be purchased here.

God’s Plan for PREGNANCY
By Nerida Walker
This book is full of truth! It lays out the foundation of who God is and why we can believe Him. It then goes on to describe what the bible says about childbearing and how we can apply those truths to our lives. This book is about speaking God’s word over conception, pregnancy and giving birth. I will go back to this book over and over again! It can be purchased here.

The Sacrament of Happy
By Lisa Harper
Have you ever wondered if God wants you to be happy? Maybe you have been happy once, but life’s hard stuff has made you wonder if you will ever know happiness again. Maybe you see others around you who are happy in the midst of some really hard things, but you just don’t get it. If you identify with any of those thoughts, this book is for you.  Lisa Harper is a brilliant story teller who also has a deep understanding of the word of God. The way she described happiness – while also sharing some of her daughters adoption story – was so simple, but also so profound. You can purchase it here.

This Undeserved Life
By Natalie Brenner
This book is the story of Natalie Brenner’s journey to understanding that although life can be messy and painful, God’s grace is always waiting for us. Natalie shares her memories of a dysfunctional family life while falling in love with a youth pastor. She shares how hard ministry was in their first few years of marriage. She also shares their story of loss, infertility, adoption and getting pregnant after loss. This book is Natalie’s memoir and she doesn’t sugar coat anything. It’s messy and raw. It’s about honest grief, and what happens we realize it’s okay not to be okay. It’s a book about allowing Jesus into the middle of the mess. If you are considering adoption to grow your family or if you’d simply like to learn more about adoption, this is a great book to read. Natalie writes boldly about the feelings she had about adoption, the fears she faced and comments she’s heard. You can purchase it here.

Still Waiting
By Ann Swindell
The tagline of this book is “hope for when God doesn’t give you what you want”. This book is about waiting for a healing. Ann tells her personal story with waiting while retelling the biblical story of the Bleeding Woman. The way she parallels the two stories is so amazing. This book encouraged my heart so much because it reminded me over and over again that God is in the waiting. You can purchase it here.

Supernatural Childbirth
By Jackie Mize
This book is an easy read that shares how  believing God’s promises can impact conception, pregnancy and delivery. My favorite part of this book is how full of scripture it is. I will go back to this book again to remind myself about what scripture says when I feel fearful of conception, pregnancy and delivery! You can purchase it here.

When God Says Wait
By Elizabeth Laing Thompson
Each chapter of this book highlights a biblical hero’s story of waiting and the truths we can find in each story. This book was an easy read, however the truths found in this book impacted me in a BIG way. This book gave me the tools to walk the hard journey of waiting without completely losing my mind. This book encouraged me to wait well. It’s not about just surviving my wait, but truly thriving in it. You can purchase it here.

While in Waiting
By Angela Lee
In this book, my sweet friend shares her journey to grow her family. Angela shares her story apologetically and reminds the reader over and over again that God is still very much in the business of doing miracles. Reading this book feels like an easy conversation over coffee with a dear friend. You will laugh and be captivated by the way she shares her story with so much vulnerability and wisdom. If you are facing infertility, I highly encourage you to read this book. You will be encouraged and challenged. You can purchase it here. 

Please note, I have included links to the books on Amazon, however I am not an Amazon affiliate.

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