These are some of my favorite books that have encouraged me, pushed me to grow and given me hope. I encourage you to read them ALL.

Anxious for Nothing
By Max Lucado
I have a tendency to be quick to worry and fear. Anxious for Nothing has given me tools to combat my anxieties. This book encouraged my heart, helped me work through some negative thought patterns and helped me learn how to talk myself through fear and worry with God’s word. You can purchase it here.

In Due Time
By Caroline Harries
The author of this 60-day devotional is my dear friend. Caroline writes an incredible blog called In Due Time (check it out here). She is also the founder of Moms in the Making, a ministry to support women who are on the journey to become Mamas. In this devotion, Caroline shares bits of her story each day, and encourages the reader to praise God through waiting and grief. The devotional is for all people who are waiting. It can be purchased here. Use code borderless15 to get 15% off Caroline’s entire store.

God’s Plan for PREGNANCY
By Nerida Walker
This book is full of truth! It lays out the foundation of who God is and why we can believe Him. It then goes on to describe what the bible says about childbearing and how we can apply those truths to our lives. This book is about speaking God’s word over conception, pregnancy and giving birth. I will go back to this book over and over again! It can be purchased here.

No More Faking Fine
By Esther Fleece
In No More Faking Fine, Ester Fleece shares pieces of her story. While telling her story, she encourages the reader that it is okay not to have it all together. It’s okay to be sad, hurt and angry. It explains what it means to lament (a passionate expression of grief or sorrow) to God. It also explains HOW to lament in a way that still honors God. What I loved most about this book is that it explained that being raw with God actually encourages intimacy with Him. It gives God room to come into our lives and comfort us in a way only He can. The book can be purchased here.

She Believes
By Debbie Lindell
In She Believes, Debbie shares what happens we will choose to live a faith-filled life. She describes how living by faith not only changes us, but all of our circumstances. The best part of this book is that it felt like I was sitting with Debbie just chatting. I laughed and cried. This book felt like I was with my best friend and I loved it. I was encouraged and convicted to live with bigger faith. You can purchase it here.

Still Waiting
By Ann Swindell
The tagline of this book is “hope for when God doesn’t give you what you want”. This book is about waiting for a healing. Ann tells her personal story with waiting while retelling the biblical story of the Bleeding Woman. The way she parallels the two stories is so amazing. This book encouraged my heart so much because it reminded me over and over again that God is in the waiting. You can purchase it here.

When God Says Wait
By Elizabeth Laing Thompson
Each chapter of this book highlights a biblical hero’s story of waiting and the truths we can find in each story. This book was an easy read, however the truths found in this book impacted me in a BIG way. This book gave me the tools to walk the hard journey of waiting without completely loosing my mind. This book encouraged me to wait well. It’s about not just surviving my wait, but truly thriving in it. You can purchase it here.