Unfortunately, because sin is in the world, many of us will walk through seasons of grief. While these seasons can be very dark, I believe we can grieve with hope, because of who our Father is. I also believe we can rest while we grieve, as the bible promises, the Father is close to the brokenhearted. This is a list of books that have encouraged my heart as I have grieved.

And Still She Laughs
By Kate Merrick
This book is about deep grief. Kate and her husband have walked through ministry disappointments, miscarriage, and the loss of one of their children to cancer. She deserves to be angry, bitter and downright awful. However, Jesus changes everything. I think this book can be summed up perfectly by this quote: “It’s up to us. We decide if we are to hold on to disappoints. We can let fear creep and grow like pond scum, reaching to our exterior and crowding out the light, or we can walk in the strength he supplies, exchanging the despicable for the dependable. We decide if we are willing to laugh without fear.”  This book is a powerful reminder of the choice we have because of Jesus. It’s not a book about jumping over grief. No, Kate speaks truthfully about the dark places she had been (and still sometimes is), how women of the Bible encouraged her and why she can choose to laugh without fear. The book can be purchased here.

Choosing Real
By Bekah Jane Pogue
In this book, the author describes her journey to choosing “real” after her father passed away unexpectedly.  The book was full of nuggets of wisdom to remind the reader that Jesus wants our heart with all the quirks and all the ugly parts included. Even if these are truths you know, this book is a reminder that we need to apply the truth we know everyday. The book can be purchased here.

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy 
By Mark Vroegop
This book is a great tool to describe why lament is important. The author shares his story of big heartaches, and how God met him in the middle of those heartaches when he learned to lament.⁣ Not only does this book explain what lamenting is, but it also explains how to lament. The Bible is full of so many examples, and this book teaches how to use those verses to cry out and tell Jesus all of our big emotions. What I loved about this book is that it didn’t stop there. Of course Jesus wants all of our big feelings, but lamenting is more than just complaining to God. This book talked about reminding Jesus what He promised, and praying boldly when those dark clouds roll in. The book can be purchased here.

In the Middle of the Mess
By Sheila Walsh
The author of this book dealt with suicidal thoughts for most of her life after her father committed suicide when she was 5 years old. This book is a reminder that no matter how broken we think we are, we are fully loved daughters of God. This book was about some heavy stuff, but what I loved about this book is that it was also a reminder that nothing is too petty for God. This book was such a sweet reminder of the love our Father has for us. He is your covering, your safe place and wants you to tell Him everything. There is beauty when we live open, yet broken, with Christ. The book can be purchased here.

No More Faking Fine
By Esther Fleece
In No More Faking Fine, Ester Fleece shares pieces of her story. While telling her story, she encourages the reader that it is okay not to have it all together. It’s okay to be sad, hurt and angry. It explains what it means to lament (a passionate expression of grief or sorrow) to God. It also explains HOW to lament in a way that still honors God. What I loved most about this book is that it explained that being raw with God actually encourages intimacy with Him. It gives God room to come into our lives and comfort us in a way only He can. The book can be purchased here.

Please note, I have included links to the books on Amazon, however I am not an Amazon affiliate.

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