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My belief in God and my identity as an image bearer shapes every decision I make in life. These are the books that have helped me learn who my Father is. They have helped me break free from the lies of the enemy. They have helped shape my prayer life. These are the books for everyday Christian living.

By Gary Chapman
In this book, Gary Chapman explains anger is not a sin to run far far away from, but rather a red-light telling you that something isn’t right and you need to find out what that is and make peace with it. He then goes on to give several practical steps to figure out what is causing the anger. He also describes different types of anger, and gives practical steps for managing each type. ⁣This book will help you to develop the tools you need to resolve anger without hulking out or pushing it deep down while pretending it doesn’t exist. This is a great book to help you begin to learn how to manage anger in a healthy way! ⁣You can purchase it here.

Be Angry, But Don’t Blow It
By Lisa Bevere
In this book, Lisa Bevere shares her journey with anger and rage. She shares parts of her testimony and what God taught her about rage. It’s packed full of truth that wasn’t super comfortable for me to read, but if I’m being honest, it also felt like finding an open door to freedom from the boiling rage that often is brewing within me. ⁣The book is full of practical ways to rely on God to transform from a woman who is seconds away from boiling over… into a woman who manages healthy levels of anger. ⁣You can purchase it here.

Becoming a Prayer Warrior
By Elizabeth Alves
This book is a must have for every library. It breaks down prayer and makes it approachable. It not only explains why we pray, but how to pray. I have never read anything so practical. The last chapter of this book is a prayer schedule. It gives you different topics to pray for seven days. Each topic includes written prayers with scriptures backing everything up.  If you are new to prayer, this book will give you the tools to help you become a prayer warrior. If you are a seasoned prayer warrior, this book will remind you of the basics and give you the tools to dig deeper. You can purchase it here.

Believing Jesus
By Lisa Harper
In this book, Lisa walks the reader through the book of Acts. She brought to life the book in ways I hadn’t thought of before. She explains how the disciples learned to evangelize after Jesus had gone back to heaven and explains what we can learn from the lessons they learned. ⁣Lisa also shares more of her story as a new adoptive mom. You can purchase this book here.

Born Again this Way
By Rachel Gilson 
Rachel was gay before she came to Christ, and many told her that she could still have a girlfriend and be a Christian. However, the closer Rachel got to Jesus, and the more she learned the bible, she realized this was far from the truth. So Rachel broke up with her girlfriend. However, even though she made that choice, she quickly realized that becoming a Christian didn’t take her desires away. In fact, now many many years later, she is still tempted by same-sex attraction. ⁣This book is Rachel’s story, but honestly it’s so much more than just a story. The book is full of so many truths about gender, sexuality, marriage, temptation and who God is.⁣ You can purchase it here.

By Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
This book explains why boundaries are more than just a “good thing to do”, but a healthy biblical truth God gave us because he delights in us. Boundaries aren’t meant to limit us or suffocate us, they are meant to give us room to flourish. The book acknowledges that creating boundaries can be difficult, so it provides real ways to look at our lives and determine where boundaries are and how to create them. ⁣This book didn’t stop at just recognizing the need boundaries and creating them, but also how to maintain the boundaries once you create them. It touched on so many types of boundaries… relationships, parenting, work and so many more! ⁣This book will be one I read over again, because as it says “Life without boundaries is no life at all.” You can purchase it here.

Born of Significance
By Bill Johnson
This book is full of so much goodness. It’s about what leadership, spiritual promotion and building legacy looks like. I think this quote from the back of the book sums it up perfectly… ⁣“You were born for significance. You were designed by God to advance His kingdom on earth and leave a legacy to your family and future generations. Come and discover who God made you to be. Once you do, you will never want to be anyone else.⁣ This book will empower you to live passionately and faithfully for God and to leave a legacy of blessing and favor that impacts future generations.”⁣ You can purchase it here.

Chasing Vines
By Beth Moore
In this book, Beth Moore takes the reader on a deep dive into John 15:5-8. I thought I would read this, hear the same old message “we need to abide in Him” and move on. However, the pages of this book took me on a journey into the historical, theological and agricultural reasons why Jesus saying “I am the vine” is so powerful. The chapters were full of how much needs to happen in a wine in order for fruit to bloom. Those images really brought this scripture to life. ⁣Moore is a great storyteller and was very open about her own shortcomings and I felt like that made this book more approachable. You can purchase this book here.

Compelled by Love
By Heidi Baker
This book is the story missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker serving the poorest people in the world. Heidi shares how God miraculously provided, how He healed people and transformed people right in front of her eyes. While that sounds fantastic, this book is about so much more than just the miracles God preformed. It’s about what the poorest people in the world taught Heidi about love. This book not only challenged me to pray more expectancy (why do I put God in a box?) but it also challenged me to rethink how I love people. Maybe bigger than all of that, this book challenged me to rethink how God loves me. You can purchase it here.

Dance Stand Run
By Jess Connolly
This book packed a punch I wasn’t expecting. Its a reminder that we are saved by grace, plucked out of darkness and called into a purposeful life. Because of theses truths we can put down the belief that we have to please God to be loved by Him. This book isn’t a list of “shoulds”, it’s a book to help us recall who we already are, who God has already named us. This book will step on your toes and make you think.  This book will also deeply encourage you. You can purchase it here.

Enemies of the Heart
By Andy Stanley
This book is a gentle reminder ( but without apology) of the necessity of protecting our hearts from anger, guilt, greed and jealousy. It’s broken down into 4 parts. ⁣In Part 1 he addresses the fact that sin comes from the heart.. He talks about the damage that sin does, and how to identify it, and the importance of correcting it.⁣ In Part 2 he addresses the dynamics of the debts that result from our sin. The four biggies are: Guilt – “I owe you”; Anger – “You owe me”; Greed – “I owe me”; and Jealousy – “God owes me.” These pages can be hard to read, but it’s so relatable.The idea is identifying these “problem areas” in our heart is the first step. Then we must confess and start working in a positive direction to overcome them with the help of God the Holy Spirit.⁣ In Part 3 he focuses on how to confront each of these sins, with their counterparts. In Part 4 he helps us focus on what we are modeling and the legacy we are leaving behind (especially parents for their children) and how to deal with lust. This was a super powerful read for me. It’s not just about our generation friends. ⁣The book ends with a helpful discussion guide, which is excellent for personal application, and small group discussion. You can purchase it here.

By Sharon Jaynes
Have you ever thought you weren’t good enough? That you were a failure? Ugly? Worthless? Maybe you have thought you’d be happy if you could just have one more thing or do one more thing? All of those questions are lies the enemy uses to break us down. The first 78 pages of this book  are about recognizing lies, rejecting lies and then replacing them with truth. The rest of the book addressed specific lies (the ones I listed plus many more), and what truths from the word of God can be used to replace those ugly lies. You can purchase it here.

Experiencing the Father’s Embrace
By Jack Frost
In this book, the author explains how important it is to be close to Jesus. He shares personal stories and points out areas that may be hindering you from getting closer to the Father. He talks about the power that comes when we walk in the authority that comes from walking close to the Father. I believe this book will change your walk with the Father, because when we have new revelation of the Father’s love it always changes everything. You can purchase here.

By Priscilla Shierer
We have an enemy and he isn’t holding back. He wants to destroy everything including our abundant life in Christ. The way he attacks is deliberate. Calculated. Personalized. This book is about understanding that we will be attacked, and creating strategies to combat those attacks.  It will give you the tools to dig into scripture and work through ways that you can be ready for attack. You can purchase it here.

Finding Selah
By Kristen Kill
In Psalms the word “selah” pops up several times. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have skipped over that word more than a few times. I have heard before the word “selah” was representative of a rest, but I never thought more about it then that. In this book. Kristen breaks down how the word “selah” is specifically written in the bible to give us an example for our lives. In this book, Kristen shares her struggles of postpartum depression, a huge move that turned her world upside down, raising children while facing miscarriage and even finding bed bugs in her NYC apartment. In each of these seasons, Kristen explains how embracing silence and actively practicing rest brought her closer to Jesus. In a world that encourages hustling and pushing through, I found this book a breath of fresh air. A reminder what active rest looks like. A reminder how the Father meets is in the silence and works in our rest. This book can be purchased here.

Gay Girl, Good God
By Jackie Hill Perry
This book tells an amazing testimony of a gay girl who was radically transformed by God – but that’s not all! It talks about temptation and walking with Jesus everyday! Before you think you couldn’t relate… Homosexuality may not be part of your story (or the story of someone you love) but I promise this book is still for you. At some point, we ALL were once lost in sin and Jesus left the 99 to find us. Your sin may have looked different, but it was still sin. Our Father chased you and continues to chase you because He’s good and He loves you. This book is about miracles and a good good God who loves us more than we can think or imagine. You can purchase it here.

Grace not Perfection
By Emily Ley
This book was written by a woman who runs her own business, mothering young children and trying to find balance to do everything else. It’s a straight forward easy read that says it’s okay not to have it all together. It’s okay to to say no. It’s okay to simplify. All those things make it possible for us to actually enjoy life. This book is also a reminder that being ourselves, is always better than being what we perceive everyone else needs us to be. This book is full of truth, but it is also full of practical ways to learn how to say no and to simplify our lives. You can purchase it here.

God is Able
By Priscilla Shirer
Ephesians 3:20-21 says “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” In this book, Priscilla takes that verse and breaks it down literally word by word. I think so many times we throw around the phrase “God is Able”, but we don’t always believe it in our core. This book challenges the reader to think about would happen if we truly believed God is able? What if we truly walked in the truth that nothing is impossible with God? This book can be purchased here.

Growing Together
By Melissa B. Kroger
Spiritual mentorship is so important. It’s a way for younger Christians to learn from more mature Christians intentionally. But what does that mean? How do you get started? ⁣If you have asked yourself questions about mentorship, this book is a great starting place. It explains why having (or being) a mentor is important in a very easy to understand format. Then, each chapter breaks down important topics you can work through with someone else. There is “homework” at the end of each chapter to prepare before meeting with your mentor/mentee and questions to discuss together. ⁣This book is “back to the basics” in the best way. It’s an awesome tool to build foundation in a mentorship relationship. The book can be purchased here.

I am Restored
By Lacrae
In this  book, Lecrae talks about the chaos caused by trauma, addiction and fame. He talks about being a black man who carries a voice in this generation… and most of all he talks about how chaos made him almost lose it all. He almost left his wife, walked away from God and started a new life (or ended the life he had). However, God met him there. In that place where Lecrae was the most broken.. God was still moving and showing up. Even when Lecrae was ready to give up, he couldn’t deny that there was a God. ⁣This is a story about trauma, addiction, political injustice, mental health… and who God is in the midst of chaos. It’s a story about restoration. It’s a story about the importance of rest, self care and mental health. Most of all, it’s a story of what can happen when we truly trust God with our mess. ⁣You can purchase it here.

Identity Theft
By Various Authors
In this book, several authors dig into our identity in Christ. If you find yourself wondering who you are or what it looks like to live in the full identity of Christ this book is a great place to start. It will not only help you understand what the Bible says about you, it also provides scripture and questions at the end of each chapter to guide in digging deeper into the word. This book can be purchased here.

If You Only Knew
By Jamie Ivey
This book is Jamie Ivey’s story. She shares her heart regarding some tough decisions she made. She also shares how she broke free from the the guilt and shame she carried… and how God responded to her. What I love about this book is that it a reminder of how powerful our stories are. The enemy wants us to be quiet. He wants us to believe we are alone in our guilt and shame. After telling her story, the author described how we need to surround ourselves with other women who keep us accountable. When we mess up (and we will because we are imperfect people) we need women we can go to that will not push us away because of the ugly decisions we made. Instead, they will remind us of who we are in Christ and then help us not make those same decisions again. Such good truth! You can purchase it here.

In Due Time
By Caroline Harries
The author of this 60-day devotional is my dear friend. Caroline writes an incredible blog called In Due Time (check it out here). She is also the founder of Moms in the Making, a ministry to support women who are on the journey to become Mamas. In this devotion, Caroline shares bits of her story each day, and encourages the reader to praise God through waiting and grief. The devotional is for all people who are waiting. It can be purchased on Caroline’s website here.

Kill the Spider
By Carlos Whittaker
In this book, Carlos Whittaker tells a story of when he went to a retreat center for a week on the recommendation of his counselor. He wasn’t really sure why he was going when he went, but while there he jumped in head first and kept his heart open to whatever God may have for him.⁣ While at the retreat center, God turned his life upside down. He realized the only way he could walk in true freedom was to destroy the roots habits and thought processes he was holding on to.⁣ In the book, he helps the reader to identify cobwebs (tracking down habits and thoughts processes you can’t seem to break), locate the spider (finding the space in your story where the false agreement was formed), corner the spider (calling out the lie and combating it with truth), and finally, killing the spider (confess, reject, replace the lie with the authority of the risen Christ) You can’t just clear away the cobwebs; you need to find the spider–the source of the issue–and take it out.⁣ Carlos is a great story teller, so this book will grip you. I found myself so caught up in the story, that the truth kinda snuck up on me! You can purchase the book here.

Kisses from Katie
By Katie Davis
In 2006, Katie traveled to Uganda for the first time. She quickly fell in love with the people and the culture, and she knew she had to go back. Less than a year later, She returned and it’s been her home ever since. ⁣This is Katie’s story. This book describes what God did in her heart as she made the decision to stay in Uganda. She talks about the big sacrifices she had to make, and the big joys she was blessed to see. It tells the story of how she chose to adopt 13 young girls, and how she started a booming nonprofit to help those she couldn’t adopt. While this story is an amazing story about what can happen when we say “yes”, it’s also a story about what happens when we follow Jesus’ lead into the unknown. ⁣You can purchase it here.

My Heart
By Julie Manning
Julie Manning was a healthy young woman with a 20 month old son and an 8 week old son when she learned she was in heart failure. This book is her testimony. Through stories, journal entries and letters to her boys, Julie tells what it was like to be faced with the question “What am I really living for?” and how God helped her answer. This book is about who God is in hard seasons, how He sees us, and how He uses us in ways we never could have imagined if we are brave enough to be obedient! It’s for sure a sweet read that not only encouraged me… but also convicted me to ask myself “What am I really living for?” You can purchase it here.

Preach to Yourself
By Hayley Morgan
In this book, Haley talks about how her heart felt dull and frantic until the Father woke her up to the authority and power she had because of Him. We all have that same authority.  So many of us are walking around believing lies. We know intellectually that what we think about ourselves isn’t true, but we can’t break the thought pattern. We find ourselves continuing to tell ourselves “bad news”. We continue to think “I can’t do this” or “I’m not enough” or “I should be more” or “I’m always failing”. Sadly, most of us are thinking those things about ourselves and we aren’t even realizing they are lies! We have all the tools we need to stop the bad news that’s in our minds. This book was about learning how to recognize the bad news, and then preach the good news of Jesus to ourselves. It’s about learning how to find truth to replace the bad news. This book can be purchased here.

By Banning Liebscher
David knew he would become king for twenty years before he actually became king. In this book, the author talks about how God used those twenty years of David’s life to establish deep roots. The book provides guidance into being fully grounded and established in Christ. When we establish those roots, we can produce fruit that lasts. This book will step on your toes a little (or a lot) but it will also encourage you. It’s a reminder of how important it is to let God establish a root system in our lives. Establishing roots positions us to influence the world around us. ⁣You can purchase it here.

Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot
By Mo Isom 
In this book, Mo Isom shares her story and what God taught her along the way. ⁣This book talks about purity from a young age. It discusses what children are exposed to. It talks about what kids are hearing at church and at school. It talks about what we face when we start dating and when we get engaged. Finally, it talks about sex within marriage. ⁣The reality is, God created sex. It’s a gift from Him that can glorify Him when we use it well. The enemy works before we are married to get us together, and after we are married he works to get us apart. There is a reason for that! ⁣It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, engaged, married or even divorced… this book is going to wake you up, step on your toes, make you mad and encourage you!⁣ As Isom says, “It’s past time for some raw and candid conversations about virginity, promiscuity, and everything in between.” ⁣You can purchase it here.

She Believes
By Debbie Lindell
In She Believes, Debbie shares what happens we will choose to live a faith-filled life. She describes how living by faith not only changes us, but all of our circumstances. The best part of this book is that it felt like I was sitting with Debbie just chatting. I laughed and cried. This book felt like I was with my best friend and I loved it. I was encouraged and convicted to live with bigger faith. You can purchase it here.

Soul Set Free
By John Lindell
In this book, Lindell walks readers through the book of Romans. It’s full of deep theology, interesting life stories and church history. This book is about grace and freedom.The simple fact is this: the gospel is even better than we believe. It’s even better than joy and better than forgiveness… it’s a love story. A love story that’s full of richness and goodness! ⁣You can purchase it here.

The Art of Rest
By Adam Mabry
This book is a wonderful introduction to the word “sabbath”. So often, we look at this word as an old fashioned word that no one has time for these days, however the Father created it with intention. Not only does this book explain why the Father created rest and why it’s so important, it also gave some ideas on how to begin implanting sabbath into our lives. While I feel like there is so much more to be learned about rest, this book is a great starting place! This book can be purchased here.

The Best Yes
By Lysa Terkeurst
God didn’t create us to be overextended, stressed out women. He called us for a purpose and He called us to love people. We can’t do either of those things when we are stuck in a stressed out place with no time. This book is full of practical ways to say no. Practical ways to draw boundaries. Practical ways to break off the disease of people pleasing and the shame or guilt that can be tied to saying no. This book is also about saying yes! It’s about learning how to shine in the things that you are called to do. You can purchase it here.

The Bondage Breaker
By Neil T. Anderson
So many of us have relationships with Jesus, but still walk around with negative thoughts, irrational feelings and habitual harmful habits. It’s easy to get stuck in a circle of “temptation, sin, ask for forgiveness, and then sin again”. We walk around thinking that our thoughts, feelings and habits will never change – no matter how hard we try – and we carry deep shame because we can’t simply “get better”. Sometimes, we just give up because it seems freedom will never come anyways. ⁣The book is a powerful reminder that because of our position in the kingdom, we have authority to break free. We can stop negative thoughts, irrational feelings, and harmful habits and walk in total freedom. This book is a practical guide on how to get rid of negative thoughts for good. How to stop irrational feelings and how to break the agreement with habitual sins. ⁣At the end of the book, there is an appendix that walks through steps to freedom in Christ. It’s a step by step prayer and exercise to find breakthrough. It was powerful, full of truth and so very practical! Honestly, it can be used over and over again and I will go back to it often! ⁣You can purchase it here.

The Circle Maker
By Mark Batterson
This book is all about dreaming big dreams and praying bold prayers. It’s about being brave and letting go of fear. This one will stretch you and push you to dream BIG. You can purchase it here.

The Esther Anointing
By Michelle McClain-Walters
In this book, Michelle tells the story of Esther in a way I haven’t thought about before. Michelle breaks down what we can learn from Esther and how we can walk in her footsteps in the modern day world. This book will encourage you to walk in boldness and courage. It will also reshape your prayer life. This book can be purchased here.

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry
By John Mark Comer
This book answers the question: “How do we slow down, simplify, and live deliberately?” Well, it doesn’t answer it completely, because that’s a very personal question, but it lays out the framework for the reader to begin working through that question. ⁣This book challenged me to look at my days and figure out how I can make room for silence and simplicity. ⁣More than any of that, this book gave me a completely new perspective on sabbath. The author did an amazing job of explaining what Sabbath is, why it’s important, and what it can look like in our lives. ⁣This book isn’t a set of rules that forces the reader to slow down. This book explains why we need to eliminate “hurry” and gives ideas on what that can actually look like. You can purchase it here.

By Christine Caine
This book is about how to handle the unexpected shocks, stressors and uncertainties of life. BUT it  is also about how God uses situations in our lives unexpectedly. We have a great calling on our life’s and how God uses that calling may be unexpected! This book was a good reminder that God is good, God does good and God wants good for me! You can purchase it here.

By Lysa Terkeurst
Have you ever been offended? Have you ever responded to someone in a mean crazy way? Have you ever stuffed all your annoyance, anger or frustration down so no one can see it? Have you ever felt out of control because the situation you are in is out of control? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you! In this book, Lysa shares we do not have to be slaves to the raw emotions that hit us. We don’t have to allow our feelings to dictate how we are going to react. There’s a better way.. and it’s our choice to choose! You can purchase it here.

By Lysa TerKeurst
This book talks about rejection. I know, that is probably the last thing you want to read about, but the truth is rejection is something we all face. This book reminds the reader that with Jesus we are safe, accepted, held, loved and invited in. It’s is full of truth to help heal and let go of the hurts that come along with rejection. More than that, this book describes how to live with an abundance mentality so that we can live loved. When we live loved, our perspective is completely different. You can purchase it here.

Unreasonable Hope
By Chad Veach
In this book, Chad Veach shares about his first-born daughter being diagnosed with an extremely rare condition that meant she would not develop mentally beyond about 3 months.⁣ Much of the book reads like a memoir as Veach shares about the pregnancy, birth, diagnosis and continual care of their daughter. As he tells his story, he reminds the reader to build a community, to refuse bitterness, to remember what God has already done, to share testimony of God’s goodness, and to pray with faith. However, Veach didn’t just talk about the “good stuff”, he also shared the ugly true feelings he felt in the midst of very difficult days, and who God proved Himself to be in the middle of it all. ⁣Veach is an engaging story teller. There were several times that I was so caught up in the story, that the truth snuck up on me. This was a good read that points to the reader back to the hope found in Jesus again and again. ⁣You can purchase this book here.

When God Says Go
By Elizabeth Laing Thompson
In When God Says Go, Elizabeth uses biblical stories to encourage us to be brave when God calls. She teaches how to learn and listen to God’s voice. She encourages you to learn what your gifts are and how to use them for the kingdom of God. She shares how to know when to stay and how to know when to leave. She also gives tools to prepare you while you for God to say go. This book will change you!!! You can purchase it here.

Why Her? 
By Nicki Koziarz
Nicki Koziarz’s life completely changed when she became pregnant at 19. She got married just 6 weeks later, and didn’t get into college. These “failures” caused her to look at others and compare herself. As she compared herself to what others were doing she started to feel like what she had and who she was simply wasn’t enough.  In this book, Nicki shares how comparison can steal everything from us. She uses the story of Leah and Rachel in Genesis to show how the lies of comparison can destroy us. She also shares how we can break free from the lies comparison tells us. You can purchase it here.

You are the Girl for the Job
By Jess Connolly
Jess Connolly is the kind of author that makes you feel like she is your best friend. While reading this book, I found myself feeling like I was drinking a cup of coffee and giggling with a girlfriend who suddenly dropped a truth bomb that stepped on my toes in the best way. She sums up her book perfectly in this quote: “This book won’t puff you up and tell you that you have all you need, but it will point to the One who does. This book won’t beckon you to be blind to your circumstances, but it will enlighten you to the truth that you’re placed where you’re at, with what you’ve got, on purpose… YOU are the girl for the job—the girl for the task He’s given you and the girl for every task He is going to give you in the future. More than that, I hope these words commission you as an ambassador to speak life and authority to those around you, telling them they are the girls, boys, men, women, people, children of God for the jobs that he’s given them.” It can be purchased here.

Your New Name
By Esther Fleece Allen
In this book, Esther does a beautiful job sharing her testimony and describing how God changed her name. Esther honestly and humbling described the labels she carried because of her past, the labels that hurt her and the names she called herself… and how God redeemed it all. This was a powerful book that encourages a lot of reflection. It can be purchased here.

Please note, I have included links to the books on Amazon, however I am not an Amazon affiliate.

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