Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety is an enemy I have battled for many years. Fear is an ugly monster that has lied to me and told me what to believe about myself and my God. However, as I have grown closer to the Father, I have learned that I have the power to tell fear it has to leave. Anxiety and fear do not have control over me and the choices I make. This is a list of books that have encouraged my heart as I have learned how to live in peace because of who my Father is. These books encourage me to be brave.

Afraid of all the Things
By Scarlet Hiltibidal
In this book, Scarlet talks about all the fears she has ever had. I’m not being dramatic when I say ALL the fears. From sink holes to tornadoes, to planes crashing to Gods calling (yes, you read that right)… she covers it all. She shares her journey from being afraid of all the things to finding peace. She talks about scary times in her life – a family member’s cancer diagnosis, an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage and going across the ocean to adopt a baby with special needs – and how Jesus carried her through it all. This book will make you laugh, it will step on your toes and it will encourage you to break off lies and live fearlessly because of one word… Jesus. As she says “…If you only have one word, that’s the one. He is the One. Cross Bearer. Past Forgetter. Fear Crusher. Death Destroyer. Friend of Sinners. Friend of Fearers. Jesus.”  We aren’t promised pain free living, but we are promised peace, all because of Jesus. You can purchase it here.

Anxious for Nothing
By Max Lucado
I have a tendency to be quick to worry and fear. Anxious for Nothing has given me tools to combat my anxieties. This book encouraged my heart, helped me work through some negative thought patterns and helped me learn how to talk myself through fear and worry with God’s word. You can purchase it here.

Breaking the Fear Cycle
By Maria Furlough
Maria was a woman who often spiraled out of control due to fear, and when she learned she was pregnant with a baby who would likely not make it after birth, she felt as if her fears would crush her. While you may not think you can relate to Maria’s story, I am sure you can relate to times in your life when fear has threatened to overcome you. In this book, Maria shares who God is in the midst of our fear and how to practically combat the fear we face.  If you find yourself in a fear cycle you can’t break, this book will give you tools straight from Gods word to combat the enemy. The Bible doesn’t promise we won’t face pain, but it does promise that we can live in peace because of who He is. You can purchase it here.

Fear Gone Wild
By Kayla Stoecklein
This book doesn’t sugar coat anything, and boldly tells the story of the authors husbands mental illness and eventual death by suicide. This story doesn’t just stop with his death, it goes on to describe how Kayla chose to live in hope even after her husband was gone. ⁣Kayla writes with the authority of someone who has walked through the darkest days, and seen God in the midst of them. It’s a story of who God is in the midst of pain we really can’t begin to understand. You can purchase it here.

By Susie Davis
In 1978, Susie Davis watched as a thirteen-year-old classmate entered her classroom and killed her teacher. This event changed Susie. Even though she appeared to be the “perfect” Christian on the outside, Susie was consumed by fear. She battled severe PTSD and was unable to stay alone because she was terrified of the unknown. This book is Susie’s story. While I personally have not experienced anything as traumatic as Susie has, I found myself relating to how the grip of fear has impacted me. Susie not only explained how God taught her how to live unafraid, but Susie also shares a beautiful redemption story. Every place the enemy stole, the Lord restored in a powerful way, all because He loves her. You can purchase it here.

When God Becomes Real
By Brian Johnson
This book is Brian Johnson’s testimony. In it, he shares pieces of his childhood, his marriage, his journey building Bethel Music and his struggle with anxiety. Through his testimony, Brian shares how worship has been his lifeline and how he learned to slow down and rely solely on God. It’s not a book filled with “how-to” ways to beat panic… but it’s a testimony to hold on to. You can purchase it here.

Please note, I have included links to the books on Amazon, however I am not an Amazon affiliate.

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